Made in Glarnerland

Mechanical Engineering

Worm gearboxes
for packaging machines

Sauter Bachmann has been a well-known manufacturer of worm gear units for many decades, also, but especially for the packaging industry. In cooperation with the engineering department of Sauter Bachmann, the manufacturers of packaging machines have been able to implement major optimisations in the field of worm gear units in recent years, in particular by improving tooth mesh, using special alloys for the worm wheel and optimising the surface quality of the worm shaft. This not only made it possible to increase the performance of the packaging machine, but also extended the service interval.


Grinded spiral bevel gears
for high precision machine tools

Sauter Bachmann manufactures a low-backlash drive with ground spiral bevel gears and spur gears for the swivelling work spindle of a machining centre, which meets the highest requirements. The demands placed on the milling process are constantly increasing. With the existing drive of the work spindle, the required positioning accuracies as well as higher travel speeds can also be met in the future.