Made in Glarnerland


Allison automatic gear box with mounted transfer gear box, generator, starter, axis gear box and brake calipers
for the Power train of Duro III 4x4 / 6x6

Apart from the production of gear wheels of all kinds, Sauter Bachmann began more than a decade ago to supply first only the transfer gear box and then from 2008 complete, ready-to-install drive trains for protected crew vehicles. From the entire drive train, the transfer gear box, the offset gear box, the axis gear box, the converter and generator housing with the corresponding pinions are manufactured internally at Sauter Bachmann. Precisely ground helical gears and bevel gears are used in these gearboxes to transmit high torques in the smallest space and to ensure a long service life.

In the assembly department, the axis gear box for the front axis is then completed with the Torsen® differential, the offset gear and the brake calipers. This is also where the transfer gear box, converter housing and generator housing are mounted on the Allison 5-speed automatic transmission. The generator, starter and axis gear box are then fitted..

For several years now these vehicles have been used successfully in various countries. With Sauter Bachmann's many years of experience in the systems business, our customers can without hesitation outsource entire assemblies to Sauter Bachmann so that they can concentrate on their core business.