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Bevel gears

Sauter Bachmann can produce the following types of bevel gears on its modern machinery:

  • Straight toothed: System Gleason (shaped or milled)
  • Spiral toothed: System Gleason, Klingelnberg (milled or ground)


Sauter Bachmann also offers axially offset, so-called hypoid gearboxes.

The different types of execution offered by Sauter Bachmann can generally be divided into two types:

  • milled and if required also lapped after heat treatment
  • ground


This enables Sauter Bachmann to meet even the highest customer requirements.

For torque transmission from the bevel gear to the shaft (shaft connection), there are various solutions such as the multi-spline shaft profile, polygon profile, tooth profile etc. (all also in ground design), which are also part of the Sauter Bachmann manufacturing program.


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