Made in Glarnerland

Civil aviation

Flap activation system
for the Pilatus PC 12

"Flying means landing" is still a popular saying among pilots. To ensure that the world's most successful single engine turboprop aircraft, the Pilatus PC-12, can take off and land even under extreme conditions, Sauter Bachmann has been manufacturing the flap activation system for the Stans-based aircraft manufacturer for almost 20 years. In order to meet the demands of Pilatus and its ambitious customers to be able to operate the landing flap system over a temperature range of 140°C (-60/+80°C), we have broken new ground in the choice of materials and production methods. In the area of "Enviromental Condition", for example, there are precision parts made of Cronidur X30, which are absolutely corrosion-resistant even when hardened and have a long service life. In addition, each freshly assembled unit is put through its paces with an extensive Aceptance Test Procedure (ATP) to ensure that the flap system can function even under the most adverse conditions. In addition to new production under JAR/FAA Part-21 certification, our company is also approved for repairs and overhauls under JAR/FAA Part-145.


Bevel gear (main rotor)
for helicopter SKYe SH09

Sauter Bachmann was allowed to play a decisive role in the development of the gearbox for the main and tail rotor of the first helicopter manufactured entirely in Switzerland. This helicopter is a multi-purpose 2.5 ton class helicopter. It is designed for a crew of 2 and can carry up to 7 passengers. The cell is largely made of fibre composite material. The first delivery will take place in 2019.

Michael Egger
Head of Sales Aerospace
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