Made in Glarnerland

Quality policy

  • The strategic orientation and the awareness of the expectations of the interested parties are an important basis to operate successfully on the market.

  • Quality stands for the fulfilment of requirements so that customer satisfaction can be guaranteed. 

  • First and foremost are the requirements of our customers, whereby the safety of the products is a central feature.. 

  • Customer and employee satisfaction is an important basis for a successful future. 

  • Our company organisation is oriented towards the company's objectives. It is continuously adapted to operational needs. The existing integrated quality management system serves as the electronic basis of the organization.

  • The Human Factors Principles, in which safety and quality are an important part, determine our actions and are part of our daily work. 

  • Our security standards meet the legal requirements or those of our customers, depending on which requirements are higher.

  • We ensure that our security standards are not compromised by commercial requirements.  

  • We promote a "just culture", i.e. our employees are required to report safety concerns without fear of inappropriate punitive measures. 

  • Appropriate control measures are taken to ensure that processes run smoothly and that corporate goals are achieved more effectively and efficiently.